Watsu – Warm water therapy for mind and body

In this age of modern medicine, we are still instinctively drawn to water’s healing power…

Supported gently in warm (34 degree) water ~Watsu (water shiatsu)® takes your weightless body on a journey of total release and relaxation.
As fluid movements, gentle stretches, rotations and accupressure are applied, joints and muscles let go of pain and tension. Seaweed – like moves release the spine and the mind quietens into a deep, almost meditative, state of relaxation.

Although it is as yet little known in the UK, Watsu has been incorporated into aquatic therapy treatment programs in Spas, clinics and rehabilitation centers around the world.

“My one hour Watsu treatment relieved my chronic back pain and reminded me what if feels like to be pain free. Bliss”
Helen – Mother and Artist, Hove

“I still cannot quite put it into words! Cried with beauty and release (physically, emotionally and mentally). The best way to let go of years of holding on – are you ready though?
Beautiful, powerful, nurturing, takes a while to find words again. Back to a new beginning and definitely on my list of treatments to have once a term at least.
Come floating with Judy you won’t regret it!”
Ghislaine – T’ai Chi/ Chi Kung Teacher, Brighton…….

Watsu is suitable for people of all ages from children to the elderly and all physical abilities and is particularly suited for use during and after pregnancy.

Judy Fox is the only registered WABA Watsu practitioner in the South East of England.