Watsu for Sports Training and Recovery

When your body is in training you’ll be pushing yourself to the limit.
We all know the challenge is psychological as well as physical.
Watsu can compliment training and help improve results.

Watsu has profound benefits for:

  • Reducing fatigue and speeding recovery times
    Good recovery is vital for effective training and will reduce your chances of injury.
    Watsu speeds up and improves the bodies natural recovery processes
  • Reducing muscle tension
    Muscle fatigue increases muscle tension. Warm water releases muscle tension and activates the parasympathetic nervous system responsible for regeneration processes in our body
  • Lengthening muscles
    Warm water relaxes muscles, enabling extensions and combating shortened muscles which result from repetitions of the same movements
  • Speeding injury recovery
    Joints and muscles can be worked gently but effectively using stretches, mobilizations, tractions and compressions.
  • Aiding relaxation
    Physical and metal relaxation in warm water is a useful as a tool for recovery and helps prevent the body from becoming overtired or over trained.


Do not have watsu:

  • Just before a competition
  • Immediately after a Soft Tissue Injury
  • Post Race – there is no better way to thank your body for all its hard work than a Watsu !